In the year 2061, three friends grapple with revolutionary change when Sprout Computers releases the most visionary piece of personal technology ever created. The latest sci-fi mindbender from writer Greg Pak ("Planet Hulk") and penciller R.B. Silva ("Jimmy Olsen").

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2012.10.12 - Debuting the Vision Machine iPad app at the New York Comic-Con!
2011.04.10 - Greg Pak gives away FREE "Vision Machine" trades at MoCCA TODAY!
2011.03.12 - Greg Pak, Orlando Bagwell, and "Vision Machine" at SXSW
2011.02.19 - Greg Pak and "Vision Machine" at Students for Free Culture Conference, NYC
2011.02.16 - Free copies of "Vision Machine" trade at Greg Pak signing in NYC
2011.01.22 - Greg Pak, Orlando Bagwell, and "Vision Machine" at the Slamdance Filmmaker Summit
2011.01.12 - "Vision Machine" #3
2010.11.17 - "Vision Machine" #2
2010.10.23 - Greg Pak in Philly! "Mister Green," comic book signing, "A Conversation with Greg Pak" at the PAAFF
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    2012.10.12 - Debuting the Vision Machine iPad app at the New York Comic-Con!

    Writer Greg Pak will debut the iPad app version of his graphic novel "Vision Machine" at the New York Comic-Con this Friday with a slew of special guests! Pak will also give out free copies of the "Vision Machine" trade paperback.


    12:30 - 1:30 pm - Debuting the Vision Machine iPad App!

    Location: 1A21

    Speakers: Andy Ihnatko , Barrett Fox , David Libby , Greg Pak , Jonathan Coulton , Karim Ahmad , Phil LaMarr, David Libby, Ian Stynes

Get a first look at the future of enhanced digital comics as writer Greg Pak ("Planet Hulk," "Robot Stories") and voice actor Phil LaMarr ("Futurama," "Justice League") debut the iPad app version of Pak's acclaimed sci-fi graphic novel "Vision Machine," which includes a full soundtrack, music, animation and amazing interactive features. And get a free copy of the "Vision Machine" paperback! Also featured on the panel: app developer Barrett Fox (Coco Studios), funder Karim Ahmad (ITVS), composer David Libby, sound designer Ian Stynes, and internet superstar musician Jonathan Coulton, who's interviewed in app's extras.

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