In the year 2061, three friends grapple with revolutionary change when Sprout Computers releases the most visionary piece of personal technology ever created. The latest sci-fi mindbender from writer Greg Pak ("Planet Hulk") and penciller R.B. Silva ("Jimmy Olsen").

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2010.10.23 - Greg Pak in Philly! "Mister Green," comic book signing, "A Conversation with Greg Pak" at the PAAFF
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    Filmmaker Magazine interviews Greg Pak about the "Vision Machine" iPad app

    12.05.12 - NEWS > This entry's link

    ITVS's Karim Ahmad interviewed "Vision Machine" writer and director Greg Pak about the "Vision Machine" project. Here's an excerpt:

    Ahmad: But what I love about the Vision Machine app is that it’s really testing the limits of what is usually considered “acceptable” functionality for a digital comic. Like the fact that you include a complete voice and music soundtrack!

    Pak: Yes! That was key for me. Many digital comics have musical scores, but we might actually be the first out of the gate with a full voice soundtrack.

    We also wanted to include some really substantial extras and a social media interactive element. So throughout the story, there are “IRL” buttons that you can tap to bring up videos of real world luminaries (including internet superstar Jonathan Coulton) talking about the ramifications of the story’s themes and ideas. And you can enable a Twitter stream that shows you tweets that use the #visionmachine hashtag. We’re planning to use that Twitter stream to do virtual events, like panels or Q&As, that you can follow live in the app.

    Read the whole thing!

    And download the iPad app for free!

    "Vision Machine" app now available for FREE at the iTunes Store!

    10.12.12 - NEWS > This entry's link

    The Vision Machine interactive comics iPad app is now LIVE on iTunes -- download it for FREE!

    Then come see the Vision Machine panel at the New York Comic-Con Friday at 12:30 pm!

    Please note the app requires iPad 2 or 3.

    Check out the "Making of the Vision Machine iPad App" video!

    10.11.12 - NEWS > This entry's link

    On Friday, October 12, at 12:30 pm, writer Greg Pak will debut the iPad app version of his "Vision Machine" graphic novel at the the New York Comic-Con. Now check out the "Making Of" video that tells the story of how the cast and crew worked together to make this revolutionary interactive digital comics app!

    Textless "Vision Machine" now available for remixers!

    01.06.12 - NEWS > This entry's link

    By Greg Pak

    My graphic novel "Vision Machine," pencilled by the brilliant RB Silva, was funded by the Ford Foundation and is distributed for FREE under a Creative Commons license that allows anyone to reuse and remix it non-commercially, as long as they credit Pak Man Productions.

    Now we're making it much easier for any would-be remixers out there by releasing the unlettered colored pages of "Vision Machine" for download!

    Click here to download the pdf of the unlettered "Vision Machine" graphic novel.

    Click here to download the lettered "Vision Machine" graphic novel.

    And be sure to ping me via Twitter if you create a remix or derivative work!


    Multiple chances to get free "Vision Machine" trades in NYC this week!

    10.12.11 - NEWS > This entry's link

    If you're in New York, you have several chances to score an actual physical copy of the "Vision Machine" graphic novel. Writer Greg Pak will be giving the books away for free at various events over the next few days:

    Wednesday, October 12 - Pak will sit on the Kyopo Project Panel and give away "Vision Machine" books at the signing afterwards.

    Friday-Sunday, October 14-16 - Pak will be at the New York Comicon and will give away books at his table in Artists Alley, N3.

    Saturday, October 15 - Pak will participate in the Upright Citizens Brigade Comic Book Show and may have some copies of "Vision Machine" to give away.

    Comics retailers! Email today to get FREE "Vision Machine" trades!

    07.01.11 - NEWS > This entry's link

    If you're a comic shop owner and would like FREE trade paperbacks of the acclaimed "Vision Machine" graphic novel to give away to your customers, email vm at pakbuzz dot com today with your shop's address and we'll send you a box! First come, first served.

    Read "Ps[iEye]ch," a "Vision Machine" inspired short story by Cabinboy100

    02.19.11 - NEWS > This entry's link

    Twitter user @cabinboy100 has taken advantage of the "Vision Machine" Creative Commons license to post a "Vision Machine" inspired short story!

    Click here to read "Ps[iEye]ch."

    Now create your own "Vision Machine" inspired work and get a free copy of the "Vision Machine" trade!

    Click here for the full details.

    Post a remix, get a "Vision Machine" trade paperback!

    02.13.11 - NEWS > This entry's link

    Want a "Vision Machine" trade paperback but can't make one of the public events where we're giving them away?

    We'll send free "Vision Machine" trade paperbacks to the first 50 folks who post remixes of the comic or other work inspired by the story or characters!

    The first free "Vision Machine" trade goes to Stephen Morrow, who just posted the amazing image of Jane that you see above.

    So draw a "Vision Machine" related picture, write a story or poem, remix the actual book, or create any other derivative work inspired by the book or characters... then ping @gregpak on Twitter with the link.

    "Vision Machine" is released under a Creative Commons license allowing noncommerical derivative work of this kind - for the full scoop, click here. Your remixes/derivative work should credit Pak Man Productions be released under the same Creative Commons license.

    So have fun! We're looking forward to seeing the links!

    Please note: You must be 18 or older for us to send you the book.

    ComicsAlliance behind-the-scenes interview with writer Greg Pak about "Vision Machine"

    01.13.11 - NEWS > This entry's link

    By Greg Pak

    I had a total blast doing this "Vision Machine" behind-the-scenes interview with Chris Sims for Check out my true confessions about learning how to talk to colorists, adding an extra page to introduce characters better, and how we almost populated Texas with space aliens -- all with exclusive work-in-progress art.

    An excerpt:

    CA: You also said there were some last-minute changes to the opening sequence.

    GP: If you compare the original art for the opening sequence to the opening sequence in the finished comic, you can see we added a page and tweaked the art here and there to introduce our characters better.

    CA: It looks like you wanted to spend a little more time with Liz Evers.

    GP: Yes, and to get a better introduction of our trio of film grad heroes. RB did glorious work throughout. But as we were nearing completion of issue #1, I realized that my script had crammed things just a bit too tight in the opening pages.

    In one of her books, Maxine Hong Kingston talks about the idea that if you stare at anyone's face in closeup long enough on the silver screen, you'll eventually fall in love. I think the principle can apply to comics as well. Giving the readers a moment to really absorb a character is pretty key. Particularly when you've got three talky, wisecracking characters as your leads. I realized after reading and re-reading the intro that I never gave readers the chance to gaze into our character's faces and kind of get to know them. We were just off to the races with hijinks and jokes, mostly in medium shot.

    Again, all my fault. The original script just didn't give enough room. So I made the big crazy decision to add a page and have RB redraw some panels.

    Click here to read the whole thing.

    And download the entire "Vision Machine" graphic novel for FREE from!

    Entire "Vision Machine" graphic novel now online for FREE DOWNLOAD!

    01.12.11 - NEWS > This entry's link

    It's January 12 and the entire "Vision Machine" graphic novel, as well as "Vision Machine" #3, the final single issue, are now downloadable for FREE at!

    Grab it today and see what's up with the book that Newsarama calls "entertaining and thrilling."

    And here's an excerpt from the latest rave review from Brandon Schatz at Comics! The Blog:

    The story by Pak is absolutely phenomenal, but it would all be for naught if his efforts were combined with an artist that didn’t match his ambition. Thank goodness RB Silva is on board, matching Pak’s crazy brain step for step, showing this world and its various realities in crystal clarity. We here at Comics! The Blog were already quite impressed with his work on the Jimmy Olsen back ups in Action Comics, and his skill here sticks to that same level. Very expressive, kinetic when it needs to be, and just perfectly framed. This guy is going to be absolutely huge one day.
    UPDATE: Another rave review from Chris Rohling at
    Anyone who has any interest in comics, especially creator-owned ventures, needs to download Vision Machine and give it a read. It’s more than just an interesting experiment. It is an in depth look at the future of communication and creativity with a great script and beautiful art. And, it’s free! Download it. Read it. Tell others about it. Vision Machine is something special.
    UPDATE: And another, this time from David Harper at Multiversity Comics:
    "Vision Machine" comes primed with an exceptional high concept that is only surpassed by the execution on the book. Writer/creator Greg Pak gives us career best work here, giving readers payoff from the previous two issues that is both logical and surprising. Meanwhile, RB Silva continues to prove that he is a star in the making.

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    12.05.12Filmmaker Magazine interviews Greg Pak about the "Vision Machine" iPad app
    10.12.12"Vision Machine" app now available for FREE at the iTunes Store!
    10.11.12Check out the "Making of the Vision Machine iPad App" video!
    01.06.12Textless "Vision Machine" now available for remixers!
    10.12.11Multiple chances to get free "Vision Machine" trades in NYC this week!
    07.01.11Comics retailers! Email today to get FREE "Vision Machine" trades!
    02.19.11Read "Ps[iEye]ch," a "Vision Machine" inspired short story by Cabinboy100
    02.13.11Post a remix, get a "Vision Machine" trade paperback!
    01.13.11ComicsAlliance behind-the-scenes interview with writer Greg Pak about "Vision Machine"
    01.12.11Entire "Vision Machine" graphic novel now online for FREE DOWNLOAD!
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    11.07.10Multiversity Comics loves "Vision Machine" #1
    11.07.10"Vision Machine" #1 nabs Book of the Week honors from Awesomed by Comics
    11.06.102010.10.23 - Greg Pak in Philly! "Mister Green," comic book signing, "A Conversation with Greg Pak" at the PAAFF

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